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First i have the mini jam #2 game. Magneto. Control with wasd and mouse. Shoot magnets with left mouse button and right-click on them to activate/deactivate them. Get to the end of each level.


I also have the game from mini jam #3. This is called pacing. You are a computer chip who doesn't want to be that anymore. You run towards to screen of the computer to get out, can you get there? Use arrowkeys to jump and avoid obstacles.


In 2014 I participated in USU Jam #6 where I created a game in Game Maker. It is called Hell Hive and is a bullet hell / Shoot 'em up game. I'm pretty satisfied with the resulsts, considering I programmed it in about 48 hours. My friend, Huy Ngo, made some amazing graphics for the game too. To exit the game, you can at the "game over"-screen press escape.
The music in this game is made by Radix with permission. The song is named "The Conquest" Link to Radix's youtube.

Hell Hive!



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